Training and Education Case Study

Solar Gard, LLC - Sustainability Sales Training

Solar Gard window film, manufactured in San Diego, is sold in more than 70 countries and is installed on several thousand homes and buildings, as well as millions of vehicles, every year. SSC conducted a half-day Sustainability Sales Training workshop at Solar Gard’s Annual Sales Meeting for Solar Gard’s sales team. Participants learned about the current direction, as well as forthcoming industry standards, of sustainable development and green building, along with strategies to compete in the green marketplace and distinguish Solar Gard from its competitors.

Realized Results:

The Client's Perspective

“To put it mildly, you have opened our eyes to a whole new world in regard to sustainability and the use of our product to help achieve desired results. Everyone I spoke with said that your presentation was the highlight of the week!”
- Jon Nickless, Senior Sales Representative - Solar Gard LLC