Community Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs:

Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy

Stream Clean-up

Conserving the natural environment is one of SSC's top priorities. The Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy holds an annual Stream Clean-up. Hundreds of volunteers come out to comb the banks of the Perkiomen Creek and remove debris. SSC's employees are proud to take part in this worthy program and support our local environment. As our company grows, so does our impact. We have been progressively increasing the number of volunteers that dedicate time to the Stream Clean-up every year. Overall, this year's volunteers removed 546 bags of garbage, 128 tires, and 3257 pounds of scrap metal, and they salvaged 70 bags of recyclable materials from the Watershed.

Lenape Survival Challenge

SSC employees have participated in the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy's Lenape Survival Challenge for the past ten years. The Lenape Challenge consists of a five mile foot race followed by a three mile canoe trip to the finish. The proceeds and registration fees are used by the Watershed Conservancy to promote environmental protection and restoration initiatives. In this year's race, held April 27th, SSC sponsored its second 'Tribe', with six employees answering the challenge! We are proud of all our participating employees for completing the race and demonstrating SSC's commitment to improving our local community.