Corporate Sustainability


Green Marketing

Green Marketing develops the best messaging around your new sustainability programs to communicate your achievements to the public and current/potential clients. These efforts inevitably help to create good press, generate sales and capture market share. Product and marketing analysis will ensure that you have a full understanding of the green aspects of the product and its manufacturing. We will determine green standards and credits applicable to your product, as well as provide you with verifiable data to substantiate your sustainability claims.

Utilizing our expertise, SSC has developed an approach to marketing that combines corporate messaging and sustainability. We look at green marketing as an opportunity to educate consumers on our clients' products and services. SSC's Green Marketing services have developed brand recognition and increased market share for clients across a range of industries.

Green Marketing Overview

Policy Advocacy Support

Too often, environmental policies and regulations are based more on perception and less on science. SSC can help you evaluate the technical merits of various sustainable policy decisions and identify the key messages to promote your policy initiative to decision makers at local, state and federal levels.