Community Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs:

Food for All

In alignment with SSC's commitment to aid our local community, we are participating in the "Food for All" program coordinated by Triskeles, a not-for-profit organization located in Exton, PA. Triskeles offers a series of local programs to teach youth healthy living, job skills and community involvement. "Food for All" is designed to bring organizations together to alleviate the growing issues of hunger and poverty in our area by building community organic gardens at organization owned sites. SSC utilizes 180 sq. ft. of onsite gardens to grow produce to support those in need.

Our employees cultivate these gardens weekly to grow a variety of fresh produce that is then harvested and delivered to Project Outreach. Project Outreach is staffed entirely of volunteers and administered by a board composed of representatives of local Royersford churches. On a weekly basis, Project Outreach can feed anywhere from 180 to 200 families in the Royersford/Springford area.

“The most gratifying moment of this project was taking over our first harvest of vegetables. Talking with the volunteers at Project Outreach gave me a better understanding of how valuable fresh produce is to those who do not have daily access to it. We couldn’t be happier to donate our harvest to Project Outreach and we hope to install more garden beds next year to increase what SSC is able to give.” - AshLee Klingman, Community Service Organizer

Realized Results:

Year Pounds of fresh produce
harvested and donated
2012 150 lbs.
2013 316.8 lbs.
2014 141 lbs.
2015 168.7 lbs.