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ASHRAE Energy Audits

“Energy costs can represent 25% to 35% of a typical building’s operating costs and are subject to rate fluctuation beyond the control of most building management.” - BOMA Experience Report 2009,

A professional energy audit, conforming to ASHRAE's Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits, provides recommendations that, if implemented, result in significant energy and cost savings. Research shows that energy audits can provide significant value to the building owner, including:

ASHRAE Energy Audit Overview

ASHRAE's Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits establishes three levels of energy audits:

ASHRAE Level I - Analyze energy bills and conduct a brief on-site survey of the building to identify and provide a breakdown of potential low-cost/no-cost energy conservation measures (ECMs).

ASHRAE Level II - Conduct a detailed building survey and energy analysis. Prepare a cost analysis and estimated ROI for feasible building improvements and suggested changes to operation and maintenance procedures. Provide recommendations for potential cost effective capital improvements.

ASHRAE Level III – This expanded assessment of selected building performance improvements involves extensive data collection and a more refined energy and financial analysis to ensure long-term continuous improvement and operational cost savings.

The ASHRAE Level I audit, which typically identifies significant savings for minimal upfront costs, is a preferred choice for many facilities. An ASHRAE Level II or Level III assessment is more appropriate for facilities where energy-consuming systems (e.g. HVAC, process equipment, etc.) are operating poorly or nearing the end of useful life.

SSC utilizes years of applied experience working in every major facility type, including commercial office space, manufacturing and light-industrial. Regardless of the level of ASHRAE energy audit conducted, SSC consistently provides the following value-added services:

  • An action plan for converting recommendations into operational improvements and realized cost savings
  • ENERGY STAR benchmarking and certification services (if facility meets minimum EPA requirements)
  • A complete LEED EB: O&M prerequisite analysis for use in future LEED certification
  • Scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint reporting

Based on its portfolio of ENERGY STAR benchmarked properties, SSC has demonstrated a 9.3% Group Adjusted Percent Energy Use Reduction. Many facilities have experienced significantly higher reductions, leading to increased capital savings.

Don’t leave money on the table; let us help you earn incentives to help pay for your project!

Pay for Performance (P4P) – This comprehensive energy efficiency program provides incentives towards whole-building energy improvements. Incentives are available through the State of NJ for both new construction and existing buildings. Applicants must apply through a P4P Partner; let SSC help you obtain these incentives.

PECO Smart Ideas and PPL E-Power – PECO and PPL offer incentives and rebates to their customers for numerous energy efficiency upgrades. SSC is a Trade Ally for PECO and PPL territories and can help you receive money for improvements.